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The Conspicuous Yet Critical Lack of Our Sleep

ImageI have noticed that there’s an aspect of our babies’ sleep that goes unnoticed and is extremely important nonetheless. Without it our floors would shake, our children would be extremely bored and the fine line between reality and fantasy would blend to the point of becoming inseparable. I am talking about the conspicuous yet critical lack of OUR sleep. Without rested parents, where will the babies of the world be?

Throughout the past six months, apart from learning how to be a mother I have been working on living without the same quantity of sleep I got before. I now understand we are men of habits but that doesn’t expunge the fact that I have been tired for the majority of the days of the past six months. So, apart from researching about healthy baby sleeping habits, I have been evaluating about how to be a healthy rested mommy.

I found an amazing post on lifehacker called “Use Science to Get Better Sleep (And Need Less)” which I definitely recommend reading. But the gist of it is as follows: . In order for us to optimize our sleeping habits we need to track our sleep and find our perfect bedtime. We also need to build good sleep habits, get the sleep we need when our bodies need it and fine-tune our environment to sleep better. I am, beyond doubt, applying what I read in this post in order to make the most of the 5 to 6 hours I do get to sleep. What about you? How do you make the most of your sleeping time?