When I was a kid, my mother used to worry because I slept too much. I came back from school, slept two or three hours, and then went back to sleep after about two hours of wakefulness until the next day. I also went to sleep when she punished me, when my boyfriend broke up with me or when my father tried to lecture me about right and wrong. I still do.

My bed is my haven and my dreams my truest reality. If there were Soldiers of Sleep, I would be their most faithful servant.

I loved to sleep and nap so much that when my partner and I began thinking about the perfect name for our company (we design and manufacture modern baby bedding and accessories), Nap became our only choice. Nap Baby.

My natural need for sleep is also the reason why, when my son Noah was born, I became addicted to researching about healthy sleeping habits, his and ours.

I am no scientist. I am just a mother who understands the importance of sleep. Realizing that maybe I am a bit obsessed about it, I found no better way to vent than to write about it and find fellow Soldiers of Sleep that would make me look not so crazy.

I hope you enjoy following us on our dreamland adventures.


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